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 Whether your home has suffered excessive    

 flooding , sewage backup, basement water  damage, it can certainly  put a damper on the  way your household runs. Not only is this kind

 of damage inconvenient, it can actually prove  harmful  to you and your family.  

   For the last 17 years, 24/7 Property Cleaning  & Restoration has provided  Wainscott,  NY,  with  residential and  commercial  water  damage  restoration that is  not only  efficient,  but is also  affordable.  Instead of  replacing  features of your  home  that have  suffered from  damage, such as  floors, drywall  or piping,  Restoring  them back  to their  unharmed state  offers a more cost  effective  solution..

 24/7 Property Cleaning & Restoration  covers Wainscott, NY,  and  surrounding  areas.

Wainscott , NY  Residential &   Commercial Water,Sewage Damage   Repair Services

  Not only is sewage damage an  eyesore, it can also  be dangerous.   When sewage soaks into things like  your floors and walls, it can cause high  harmful bacteria growth, which can  cause serious health  issues.This  harmful bacteria often takes a toll on  those living in the environment,  meaning increased health problems and

 even prolonged illnesses. Don't wait to

 repair or restore the effects of sewage

 damage,or you too can become a  victim to the dangers of harmful  bacteria.


Wainscott , NY Residential &   Commercial Mold Removal Co.

 Not only is water damage an eyesore,

 it can also be  dangerous.When water

 soaks into things like your floors and

 walls, it can cause dark, moist areas to

 grow mold. Mold often takes a toll on

 those living in the environment,meaning

 increased allergy problems and even

 prolonged illnesses. Don't wait to repair

 or restore the effects of water  damage, or you too can become a  victim to the dangers of mold.

Professional Smoke and Fire Damage  Restoration Company in  Wainscott, New York  11975

 As opposed to water damage, this  particular damage requires  smoke,residue decontamination and  deodorization. Because many toxic’s  exist in smoke and soot. Certain  measures must be taken to ensure that  this kind of damage doesn't present a  health risk to you and the inhabitants  of your building. Only professionals like   24/7 Property Cleaning and  Restoration  with years of experience  in smoke, soot and fire cleanup, will be  able to provide you with the service  needed to ensure the safety of your  home or commercial structures.

Commercial Water , Fire, Smoke, Soot  Damage Clean up  Wainscott , NY

   Homes are not the only places susceptible  to Water, Fire, Smoke or Soot damage.    Many commercial companies and  businesses have suffered from fire, water,  smoke and soot damage.

  The real extent of fire damage cannot be  determined just by looking at it.

 There may be damage that is not seen

 immediately, such as structural damage, for

 example. The cleanup process is  complicated. Fire,soot,smoke and water  damaged objects must be immediately  segregated to salvage as many items as  possible. Burned objects, on the other hand,  must be placed in a proper disposal  container and sent to the proper facility to  avoid harming the environment.
 Smoke is an acidic byproduct of fire,

 capable of corroding and staining surfaces

 such as walls and counters. In some cases  the steps taken to put out the blaze can  cause more damage than the actual fire.

  This is why proper fire restoration deals

 with heat, smoke and water damage.

   Fire damage, including odor and smoke  destruction, in your home or business can  be widespread and overwhelming. It can  affect every kind of surface, including  furniture, carpeting, faucets, and even  stainless steel fixtures.

 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration

 not only provides residential restoration but

 also has tools and knowledge to effectively

 counteract commercial fire,smoke,soot

 damage for Wainscott, NY and  other  surrounding businesses areas.

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